Revolução Revolution (parte 2)

Momentos irrepetíveis. Em «On the Square», de Wendell Steavenson, no Cairo. The New Yorker de hoje.

Inside was the Republic of Tahrir, where the protesters had established a kind of revolutionary utopia. As you came through the barricades by the Qasr al Nil Bridge, a funnel of protesters cheered and dapped and chanted, «Welcome! Welcome to the free, who have joined the revolutionaries!» The scene was indescribably moving. There was no hierarchy or formal organization on the square, and yet lines of protesters guarded the barricades while others swept the garbage into neat piles and manned the checkpoints to search people for weapons. People brought food and water and medicine into the square and gave it out for free. «We are queuing up!» one activist who had named his tent the Freedom Motel told me, incredulous at the number of people flowing into the square. «When was the last time you saw an Egyptian queuing up?» I asked one young female volunteer in a floral head scarf if she was with any particular organization. «I am with no one», she replied simply. «I am with the people.»

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